Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Workshop held in Oxford from Aug. 27 - Aug. 29

“Writing the History of the Forced-Migration of German-Speaking Neuroscientists and Biomedical Researchers between 1933 and 1989”, Wadham College, Oxford 28-29 August, 2015

Aug-27, 2015
Arrival of delegates and a social get-together at 7:00 pm in the evening (Private Invitation – Professor Paul Weindling, Oxford Brookes University).

Aug-28, 2015
A 1-Day Scholarly Exchange (beginning with a viewing of archival and book materials in the Bodleian Library – Broad Street):

Part 1 (Bodleian Library)
9:00-9:30 am Welcome: Frank W. Stahnisch, Paul J. Weindling, and Aleksandra Lowenau (Horton Room of the Bodleian Library)

9:30-10:30 am SPSL archival materials and book viewing in the Blackwell Hall on the ground floor of the Weston Library Part
(arranged by Michael Hughes)

10:30 am-12:00 pm First Roundtable (~ the project, activities, future plans)
(Horton Room of the Bodleian Library)

12:00 to 13:30 pm Lunch at the nearby restaurant Vaults and Garden Café (University Church, 1 Radcliffe Sq, Oxford OX1 4AH)
(at own cost)

Part 2 (Wadham College) – The C. Day-Lewis Room also known as  “Old Seminar Room”
13:30-15:00 pm
(1) German, Jewish, American or British? Emigré Biochemists and their Research Practices, 1890 –1950 
Discussion of Papers by Ute Deichmann, Ben Gurion University (Israel)
(2) Émigré German-Speaking Neurologists and Psychiatrists in North America, 1933-1963
Frank W. Stahnisch, University of Calgary (Canada)
(3) On the Internment of Refugee Doctors and Medical Scientists in the United Kingdom
Paul J. Weindling, Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom)

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)

16:00-17:00 pm
(5) Aleksandra Loewenau (University of Calgary) –
Onward Migration of Émigré Biomedical Researchers to Canada
(6) Jesse Olszynko-Gryn (University of Cambridge) –
The Émigré Biography of Hamburg GP and Pregnancy Tester Edward Elkan
17:00 am-18:00 pm Second Roundtable (~ themes, trajectories, projects

19:00 to 21:00 pm dinner at the nearby pub The Head of the River, St Aldate's, 40 Pembroke Square) (at own expense)
Aug-29, 2015
A 1-Day Administrative and Planning Exchange

Part 3 (Wadham College) – The C. Day-Lewis Room also known as “Old Seminar Room”
9:00-9:10 am Introductory Remarks – Frank W. Stahnisch
9:10 am to 10:30 am
 (7) Guel Russell (Texas A&M) –
The Unique Case of German Émigrés in Turkey (1933-1945)
(8) Daniel Burston (Pittsburgh University) – (an e-presentation)
The Émigré Case of the Psychiatrist Karl Stern at Montreal and Ottawa
(9) Paul Stortz (University of Calgary) – (an e-presentation)
The Canadian Society for the Protection of Science and Learning and Refugee Professors at the University of Toronto, 1935-1945.

Coffee Break (10:30-11:00)

11:00 am-12:00 pm Third Roundtable (~ themes, trajectories, projects

12:00 to 14:00 pm lunch at the Vaults and Garden Café (University Church, 1 Radcliffe Sq, Oxford OX1 4AH) (own cost)

Part 3 (Wadham College) – The C. Day-Lewis Room also known as “Old Seminar Room”
14:00-15:30 pm (~ Library, Collection and Administrative Themes):
(10) Paul Weindling (as representative of the Advisory Board of Cara, London) – The work of SPSL and CARA – Expectations regarding the Use of SPSL Archive Materials for Future Research
(11) Comments by Frank W. Stahnisch and Aleksandra Loewenau
on research experiences with:
SPSL Archives at the Bodleian Library
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC
Wiener Library, London, England

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)

Part 4 (Wadham College) – The C. Day-Lewis Room also know as  “Old Seminar Room”
16:00-19:00 (Future Grant Planning and Administrative Discussions)
(1) Introduction of SSHRC Grant Programs and AvH/Leopoldina Activities
(2) Drafting Memoranda of Understanding

Aug-30, 2015
Breakfast for Attendees with accommodation at Wadham: 8:00-8:45 am and return-Travel for most of the delegates and participants
The Oxford Workshop Conveners:

Frank W. Stahnisch (Calgary): fwstahni@ucalgary.ca
Paul Weindling (Oxford Brookes): pjweindling@brookes.ac.uk
Aleksandra Loewenau (Calgary): Aleksandra.loewenau@ucalgary.ca

[For the venue details/directions please write to Dr. Loewenau: Aleksandra.loewenau@ucalgary.ca]


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